Sunday, August 28, 2016

John 1:14 - Was God Almighty Made Flesh?

Many often point to John 1:1,14 and claim that God (the Supreme Being) was made flesh. This is usually tied with John 1:1 in translations that make it appear that the Greek word THEOS as applied to the Word is the Supreme Being. Then according the reasoning, God who is the Word in John 1:1 was made, or became, flesh.

Many often say that God became flesh without realizing their own self-contradiction. If God Almighty made God Almighty flesh and took the name Jesus, then Jesus would not have been a man, but his flesh would be God Almighty. The scripture has to be changed to suit the hypostatic union or dual natures of Jesus dogma, since these would have it that Jesus' flesh is not God, but that his flesh is the human being Jesus, nor their alleged Supreme Being Jesus. To satisfy the dogma that Jesus exists on two levels of being at once, the claim is made that the Supreme Being Jesus "took" the flesh so as become the human being Jesus while at the same time remaining the Supreme Being. Actually, no scripture says that God Almighty "took on" flesh, as many like to imagine, assume, add to, and read into what is stated in John 1:14, and some other scriptures. It was the LOGOS of God Almighty (Revelation 19:13) that became flesh, not God Almighty. Before the Logos became flesh, he "was" THEOS, having the divine quality of being a mighty one, similar to the way that the angels are gods, mighty ones. (John 1:1,2,1417:1,3,5Psalm 8:5Hebrews 2:7) While he was in the days of his flesh (Hebrews 5:7), he no longer had the celestial glory that he had when had been with the only true Supreme Being, else why would have asked for that glory to be returned to him? --John 17:51 Corinthians 15:39-41.


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